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Words of Radiance (The Stormlight Archive, book 2)

by Brandon Sanderson

Rated: Moderate

Words of Radiance is the sequel to the epic first novel The Way of Kings. Like its predecessor, its stories are told through the viewpoints of multiple main characters, though not completely the same ones as Way of Kings. However, it does move faster and has fewer slow parts.

We have Shallan, who is making her way to the Shattered Plains with Jasnah to figure something out about Urithiru, the mythical city, and hopefully have time to use that knowledge to help Roshar weather the storm. This book contains her history in occasional flashback chapters, and the reader begins to understand just why Shallan blocks her memories.

Kaladin has been freed, but his depression still lingers just under the surface, especially as he rubs up against “patriots” who want to kill the king. It’s almost too hard for him to say no, but at what cost? His Windrunner abilities develop even more, but he might lose them. (Seriously, just stop acting so stupid, Kaladin!)

Adolin’s crazy girl situation has calmed somewhat, but more problems fly at him from a different source. His father is being branded a coward and crazy, but he can’t duel those who accuse him because none will agree! Sadeas keeps getting under Adolin’s skin, and to top it all off, his father has a new captain of the guard who is too gloomy for Adolin’s liking.

There are numbers on the wall, pointing to a day smack in the middle of the Weeping. Strange things are happening, and not much light is shed, even though we get a POV from a Parshendi (yay!). Once again, Brandon Sanderson crafts a masterpiece whose plot twists and turns feel completely unprecedented. He adds clues like a 2-year-old with frosting, yet remains so subtle that nobody notices. I’m very excited to see where this series will go!

Rated: Moderate. Like a book set at a war scene tends to be, Words of Radiance is fairly violent, though never too graphic. The presence of whores is mentioned, though not explored, and Sebarial makes a few rude jokes.

— Reviewed by Emilee H

Emilee H is a high-schooler from Utah who is passionate about fantasy, epics, Disneyland, and a touch of the dark side.

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  1. Joshua Taylor says:

    I’d agree with you on this one. I actually think that its a very mild moderate, but mild would be too low of a rating.
    This is my favorite book series, and I’m anxious for book 3!

  • Words of Radiance (The Stormlight Archive, book 2)
  • by Brandon Sanderson
  • Rated: Moderate
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