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The Witch’s Daughter

by Paula Brackston

Rated: Moderate

This witch book is creepy, intelligent and magical. Paula Brackston’s story follows the life of a hedge witch over many centuries. Elizabeth Hawksmith survives plagues, wars and heartbreak, constantly reinventing her life to stay hidden from the evil Gideon Masters, who saved her from the witch’s gallows and first imbued her with magic.

In the present she has hidden herself away in a quiet cottage, but is surprised to find a young teenage girl hanging around. Elizabeth soon takes the vibrant Tegan on as an apprentice, thrilled but hesitant to pass on her magical knowledge.

Emotionally driven and beautifully written, this book is a fabulous historical-supernatural mix. I loved the quiet strength and enduring perseverance of the protagonist. The historical element is fascinating and often heartbreaking. And, of course, the magic is wonderfully exciting.

Rated: Moderate, for a couple of descriptive sexual references, foul language and violence.

— Reviewed by Teri Harman

Teri Harman is an author, reader and book enthusiast. Her young adult novel, Blood Moon, was published by Jolly Fish Press in summer 2013. She writes a biweekly column, Book Matters, for ksl.com and also contributes a monthly book segment to KSL’s #1 lifestyle show, Studio 5.

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  • The Witch’s Daughter
  • by Paula Brackston
  • Rated: Moderate
  • Genre: Fiction
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