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The Heir (The Selection, book 4)

by Kiera Cass

Rated: Mild

In this fourth installment of Kiera Cass’ The Selection series, we find America and Maxon’s daughter Eadlyn faced with a difficult decision: let her country fall to ruin amid rebels and riots, or appease the nation by sacrificing her dignity and holding the first-ever female-run Selection. As the future queen, Eadlyn knows the weight of her country is on her shoulders, and despite her strong-willed love of her independence, Eadlyn agrees to the Selection — and how it begins to impact both her country and her heart surprises everyone.

I was skeptical when I initially picked up this book; I absolutely loved the first three Selection books and, quite frankly, thought they could have ended as a trilogy because the third book’s ending seemed, to me, satisfactory enough. Luckily, The Heir was fast-paced and enjoyable and I loved reading it (though be warned — it was advertised as the fourth and final book in the series and IT’S NOT). Is it really that great of an embellishment for the series? No: in fact, it feels like a pretty unnecessary addendum to the series as a whole. But if you loved America and Maxon’s story, you will certainly enjoy The Heir.

Rated: Mild. Virtually no explicit language and only a few passing sexual references.

— Reviewed by Bailey Tulloch

Bailey Tulloch is a voracious reader and writer who goes to school in Texas and writes for The San Francisco/Sacramento Book Review. She has a reading blog at btbpd.wordpress.com.

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  • The Heir (The Selection, book 4)
  • by Kiera Cass
  • Rated: Mild
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