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The Great Hunt: Book 2 of the Wheel of Time

by Robert Jordan

Rated: Mild

***Spoiler Warning!!***** I’m not going to spoil this book, but this review might spoil parts of books that come before it in this series. Please read prior books before reading my review.

“There is one rule, above all others, for being a man. Whatever comes, face it on your feet.” — Lan

This book reminds me of a western in that there are wide-open spaces with men on horseback chasing down a villain with a very set timetable. It veers to the left when you add in the magical elements, the armor, swords and bows and arrows, but get past those and this is a good old-fashioned manhunt out on the prairie.

The Great Hunt picks up right where The Eye of the World left off with Rand, Mat, Perrin and company resting in a fortress in Fal Dara. Rand has discovered that he can use the One Power, Mat has in his possession a magical tainted dagger that is killing him, and Perrin’s eyes have turned golden and he can talk to wolves. Lan continues his efforts to teach Rand the ways of being a man, mostly by way of swordplay. The Amyrlin Seat herself (the woman in charge of all of the women magic users) names Rand the Dragon Reborn, although he denies it.

Just when things seem somewhat normal, a dangerous darkfriend, Padan Fain, is freed from the prison in Fal Dara and steals not only the famed Horn of Valere, which has the power to raise dead heroes to fight for you, but a tainted magical dagger that came into Mat’s possession. Mat’s life — and the fate of the world — are at stake, so the boys, along with a small army, begin the chase to capture Fain and recover the horn and dagger.

Meanwhile, Moraine, Lan, Nynaeve and Egwene head back to the White Tower for training in using the One Power, called channeling. While on their way they meet a girl named Min who has the power to tell a person’s future and is never wrong. She joins the group, and while at the white tower they meet Elayne, the daughter heir Andor.

All parties involved are caught up in intrigue and adventure as they discover more of the world around them and its people.

Pacing: This book has three main plot points of view, and while it is fast-paced, especially the first fifth of the book and the last quarter of the book, there are some lulls in the middle for you action lovers as the time is spent learning about the world that Jordan has created.

Characters: Most of the main characters in the last book are present and a couple of new main characters are introduced, all of which have their own motivations, ways of speaking and personalities. The characterizations are good and believable.

Ending: Because of all of the viewpoints the ending is actually pretty long, but it is very exciting as all of the viewpoints intertwine.

Recommendation: This is a fun, exciting book, with a lot of action in a wonderful world that has been built for readers that we get to discover. A great read.

Rated: Mild. See ratings page for more details. Sexual content: Sex is nonexistent in this book. The most edgy parts are the description of the embarrassment of one of the main characters in the communal baths of one country with no details, and the description of some servants whose outfits are transparent; once again, no detail. Violence: There is a good amount of violence, war and fighting. There is one scene that describes a room with writing on the walls in blood, and another with a tree covered in the dead. Gory details are left out. Language: Little to no profanity, “Blood and Ashes” is common. Themes: secret organizations, good vs. evil, mass killings, eating of humans by animals, war.

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— Reviewed by Michael Price

Michael Price is a creative CPA who helps others with emergency prep in his spare time. He is an avid reader and participant in NaNoWriMo.

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