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The Demon’s Lexicon

by Sarah Rees Brennan

Rated: Moderate

The Demon’s Lexicon is the intriguing story of Nick and his brother Alan, who have been running from magicians all their lives. They never live in one place for long, always packing up to move when they are discovered. Then, a mysterious brother and sister show up with a big problem and they must seek after those who sought them.

This is a really suspenseful and exciting story. It is easy to become very invested in the characters, especially Nick, though he displays the least emotions. The interactions between Alan and Nick are interesting and real — their relationship feels just like that of any set of brothers. The sarcastic humor is entertaining and spot on, keeping the dark story light. The choices Nick must face in the end also make these fiction characters in a fantasy world seem very much just like us. It is easy to get hung up on the third-person narrator at times, but it doesn’t significantly detract from the story. It might have been better told in first person from Nick’s perspective. But these things are just as easily forgotten during the action. It’s a thoughtful and well written story.

Rated: Moderate. There is some language scattered throughout, all of it mild or moderate. Teenagers are thinking and talking about sex often, but not actually doing it on page. Mostly it’s suggestive. There is plenty of violence as well: killing and fighting with blood and guts, but it’s not overwhelmingly graphic.

— Reviewed by Melissa Baldwin

Melissa has been reading since she could get her fists to hold a book. She started blogging at One Librarian's Book Reviews in 2008, attempting to balance that against her full-time academic librarian job and the rest of her "real" life. She's still working on that balancing act.

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  • The Demon’s Lexicon
  • by Sarah Rees Brennan
  • Rated: Moderate
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