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The Age of Miracles

by Karen Thompson Walker

Rated: Mild

Julia is a ordinary 11-year-old. She plays on a soccer team, her best friend lives down the street, and her dad works long hours at the hospital delivering babies. When all of a sudden the rotation of the earth begins to slow, light and dark no longer dictate your schedule. The world is in a panic, anxiety levels are high and everyone is divided on what to do. Religions predict the end of the world, and communities fall into anarchy. Chaos surrounds Julia: in the community, at school, and even in her own home. She is forced to grow up as she learns to deal with betrayal and love.

This is an interesting book in that it is part sci-fi, part coming-of-age and part romance. Walker doesn’t get entrenched in any genre. The story isn’t flashy, but it pulls you in. It is a more realistic, less apocalyptic, end-of-the-world story.

Rated: Mild. There are a couple of instances of colorful language, and very mild sexual content when Julia wishes she were more developed.

— Reviewed by Whitney Wagner

Whitney Wagner is an avid reader and former “how-to” columnist for her college newspaper. She works as a nurse and uses books as an escape from all things medical.

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  • The Age of Miracles
  • by Karen Thompson Walker
  • Rated: Mild
  • Genre: Fiction
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