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Thanks for the Memories

by Cecelia Ahern

Rated: High

Joyce Conway has just had an accident that has caused her to lose her baby. Her marriage, which has really been limping along for ages, is now on its last leg. Emerging from the hospital with no baby and a heart full of anguish, Joyce is trying to figure out how to put herself back together. But all of a sudden, she’s experiencing flashbacks of a life that isn’t hers, speaking languages she’s never learned, and spouting information she never knew about architecture and art.

Justin Hitchcock is a recently divorced professor who is trying to find his place in the world. Only thanks to an attractive doctor, he manages to give blood for the first time when the university where he is guest lecturing has a blood drive. Soon after, he sees a woman whom he just somehow seems to know, even though he also knows clear as day he’s never met her before, and he can’t get her out of his mind.

These two battered souls keep running into each other kind of at a distance, but they never really get to find out just why it is they seem to be running on the same wavelength. Their friends and family think they’ve finally lost it, but they are determined to figure out this weird little mystery.

Thanks for the Memories is an entertaining book with a plot reminiscent of “Sleepless in Seattle” or “You’ve Got Mail” — lots of crossing of paths but no real meeting until late in the game. It’s not a great love story, but it is a fine light read.

Rated: High, for language use. There are about 10 occasions of strong language and some other mild and moderate language. Sexual references are minimal.

— Reviewed by Cathy Carmode Lim

Cathy Carmode Lim has been reviewing books for newspapers for about 20 years, two of which she was a book page editor. She founded Rated Reads in January 2008.

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  • Thanks for the Memories
  • by Cecelia Ahern
  • Rated: High
  • Genre: Fiction
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