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Sweet Dreams

by Carla Stewart

Rated: Mild

Finishing school is not at the top of best friends and cousins Dusty’s and Paisley’s to-do lists, but living in Texas during the 1960s leaves them with little choice. Becoming the perfect housewife is a dream for neither of the girls; the tenderhearted Dusty aspires to go to college and become a geologist, while Paisley just wants to find a life of her own since she’s traveled the country with her nomadic mother for as long as she can remember. The girls rely on each other to make it through Miss Fontaine’s finishing school, but when they both fall for the same boy, their relationship is put to the test. With their hearts and their dreams on the line, Dusty and Paisley must find a way to reconcile their differences if they want to achieve more than a finishing school degree.

A little like a grown-up version of Shannon Hale’s Princess Academy, Sweet Dreams is a radiant and funny story that is about more than just two girls fighting over the same boy. The novel illustrates the struggle women in the ’60s endured to break free from the housewife stereotype, which is both interesting and inspiring. The story is truly heartwarming and innocent, perfect for anyone searching for a light summer read.

Rated: Mild for some moderate language.

— Reviewed by Bailey Tulloch

Bailey Tulloch is a voracious reader and writer who goes to school in Texas and writes for The San Francisco/Sacramento Book Review. She has a reading blog at btbpd.wordpress.com.

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  • Sweet Dreams
  • by Carla Stewart
  • Rated: Mild
  • Genre: Fiction
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