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by Jacques Lob

Rated: DIRT

On a frozen future Earth there is a train, a train that never stops running through the snow. On that train is the last life on Earth, human beings living in a classed society not unlike they lived in on Earth, for both the good and the completely horrible. One day, a man from the back of the train decides he’s done, and his choice will change life on the Snowpiercer forever.

Please note, this is a VERY adult graphic novel. Not for children. Or young adults. I was lucky enough to be handed a rather cleaned-up copy. The idea is compelling and imaginative — but the execution is so dark, violent and explicit. I appreciate a good revolution — how brave the leaders need to be, how grand their vision and willingness to die for a cause. Throw that onto a post-apocolypic snow train and there is a lot you can do with it. Did I love it? Not particularly. Was I intrigued enough to want to finish it? Yes.

Rated: DIRT unless you can find a copy like mine where your sister has used a Sharpie to give naked people some clothes and crossed out the dozens and dozens of “f” words and other bad language.

— Reviewed by Corinne Edwards

Corinne Edwards is always happiest when a book is in her hand. If her current read needs to be closed for a short time, either in her backpack while she leads her three rambunctious children on adventures, or on her nightstand while she sleeps, that's okay too. Her book thoughts and reviews land at her bookish blog, The Book Nest.

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  • Snowpiercer
  • by Jacques Lob
  • Rated: DIRT
  • Genre: Fiction
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