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A Slip of the Keyboard

by Terry Pratchett

Rated: Mild

A Slip of the Keyboard is a collection of nonfiction speeches and essays written by Terry Pratchett, who is world-renowned for his best-selling Discworld fantasy series. This book was excellent, though very different from his fantasy novels. It had many of his characteristic traits — good humor, short pithy asides and keen observations about people and society.

The book is loosely divided into three sections. The first is on writing, the second on education and the third on societal injustice (if these sound unconnected, then you haven’t read enough Pratchett). I found it all to be very funny (I laughed so hard during “Alien Christmas” that I almost fell off my treadmill) and very touching. Pratchett shows us a bit more of his life, his anger and his heart during the last section when discussing his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. While not everyone will agree with his opinions, he still manages to make us think and feel during the reading. I enjoyed A Slip of the Keyboard.

Rated: Mild for some mild profanity. I counted five “h***,” six “d***” and two “bas****,” and I noted a couple of British profane terms.

— Reviewed by Niki Bissell

Niki is an Ohio mom raising four children. Though her first love is fantasy, she also reads biographies, YA fiction, science fiction, LOTS of children’s lit, and whatever her book club buddies have chosen to read this month.

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  • A Slip of the Keyboard
  • by Terry Pratchett
  • Rated: Mild
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