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Sisters Red

by Jackson Pearce

Rated: High

I’ve been telling people that this book is Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but with werewolves. There’s kick-butt action: Scarlett and her sister, Rosie, after a devastating attack on their family which killed their grandmother and left Scarlett physically scarred, have become Hunters. They know what the wolves, the Fenris, look for and how they attack, and they’ve made it their personal mission to keep their small Georgia town safe. There’s a bit of romance: Scarlett’s old friend Silas comes back into town, and even though he’s five years older than 16-year-old Rosie, there’s an attraction, especially with Rosie, that she can’t deny. The problem is, however, that Rosie owes her sister her life. Can she really “throw it away” on a romance, when there are Fenris out there? There’s an interesting twist on werewolf lore: some of it you’ll have to discover for yourself, since it’s part of the plot. But Pearce takes the idea of a wolf prowling and attaches it to a woman’s greatest fear: sexual predators. The Fenris only attack women, usually pretty and young, always late at night, and generally ones who are alone. It’s enough to make anyone question the monsters that lurk in the dark.

On top of it all (as if that weren’t enough), Scarlett and Rosie have an interesting dynamic as sisters, and as characters. Pearce takes the sister relationship and ramps it up a notch: they love each other, they’re of one heart, they’re all they have, but Pearce explores the dynamic of differences, which makes the characters develop in unique and interesting ways. It also helps that the sisters alternate narratives, so, as readers, we get a peek into both sister’s minds and hearts. It makes the book that much more interesting.

And really: what more can you ask for in a book? Nothing, I tell you.

Rated: High (for young readers), for three f-bombs (which really were mostly unnecessary and felt highly out of place).

— Reviewed by Melissa Fox

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  • Sisters Red
  • by Jackson Pearce
  • Rated: High
  • Genre: Young adult
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