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Shadow and Bone

by Leigh Bardugo

Rated: Mild

Alina Starkov never expected much from life. Raised in an orphanage and then drafted into the army as a simple solider and map maker, she accepts the simplicity of her life and even enjoys it when her best friend Mal is around. Then the two friends are sent on a dangerous mission into the Fold, a fog of terrible darkness filled with flying creatures who feast on human flesh.

When their ship is attacked and Mal’s life in danger, Alina unleashes a hidden power, one not even she knew she had, to save them all. She is immediately swept away by the mysterious, alluring Darkling, leader of the magical elite known as Grisha. He believes that she may be the only person capable of destroying the fold and bringing back peace.

Without Mal by her side, Alina struggles to adjust to her new life of luxury and beauty. But as the threat grows and her connection to the Darkling deepens, she discovers that all is not as it seems.

First, I must give a big round of applause to author Leigh Bardugo because this book is awesome. Few young adult fantasies have captivated me like this one; I was pulled in from page one. The story feels so fresh and has an element of uniqueness from its roots in Russian folklore. I absolutely loved the Darkling — I’m a sucker for a sexy bad guy you love to hate. And, of course, Alina is a stellar character: strong, sincere and true-to-life.

The pace of the book is fabulous, moving along quickly with emotion, adventure and intrigue. Bardugo’s writing is pleasant and descriptive. With unexpected plot turns, gorgeous settings, nail-biting adventure and steamy romance, this book is a completely enjoyable read. I can’t wait for the rest of the trilogy.

Rated: Mild. For one steamy kissing scene and some mild violence.

— Reviewed by Teri Harman

Teri Harman is an author, reader and book enthusiast. Her young adult novel, Blood Moon, was published by Jolly Fish Press in summer 2013. She writes a biweekly column, Book Matters, for ksl.com and also contributes a monthly book segment to KSL’s #1 lifestyle show, Studio 5.

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  1. Corinne says:

    So, I’m a fellow reviewer here. I just finished this and came on here to see if I needed to post my review and found yours! I loved it too! It made me happy to see that you enjoyed it as much as I did 🙂

  • Shadow and Bone
  • by Leigh Bardugo
  • Rated: Mild
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