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by Heather Frost

Rated: None

Ever since her parents died, Kate can see people’s emotions as auras. Things get even weirder when an invisible man and a visible one appear with no aura. Suddenly, she’s exposed to a world where many inhabitants are actually dead. Kate is hunted by Demons and protected by Guardians, but she is the only one who can tell the difference between them.

To make matters worse, Kate’s relationship with her boyfriend has only degraded, her grandparents are filling the roles her parents once did, and there’s now real danger to her and her family. Nothing in Kate’s crazy life is normal.

This book feels like an everyday paranormal-type romance/adventure thing until you really find what it’s about. Then it’s not everyday, but a fresh twist on something that’s been done a lot. It still has elements of the paranormal romance, like the pretty-much-human girl falling for the not-human-whatsoever guy, but this guy isn’t a zombie or a vampire or even a fairy. He’s a Guardian. Plus, there’s his Guardian partner, who continually makes fun of everybody and everything. It’s hilarious.

Kate has two younger sisters who annoy her and annoy each other. Her grandma is kind, and her grandpa teases everyone. Her family’s interactions are natural, and Heather Frost does a wonderful job of developing characters and relationships.

Rated: None, though if you hate relationship problems and the occasional guy getting stabbed, this isn’t the book for you.

— Reviewed by Emilee H

Emilee H is a high-schooler from Utah who is passionate about fantasy, epics, Disneyland, and a touch of the dark side.

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