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Rose Under Fire

by Elizabeth Wein

Rated: High

Rose Justice is an American who has pulled strings to get enlisted as a transport pilot for the English Royal Air Force. She’s doing her duty, blissfully unaware of the evils of the Nazis. Sure, they’re the Enemy, but they can’t be as horrible as they all say, right? Then, on a mission, she chases after a flying bomb (German pilotless planes loaded with bombs), gets lost over enemy territory, and ends up in Ravensbrück.

Even I, as a person who actively avoids anything about the Holocaust, know about the horrors of Ravensbrück.

However, this isn’t your typical Holocaust book. Even though Wein (also author of the World War II book Code Name Verity) captures the horrors, and the crimes, and the terribleness (I can’t seem to find a word strong enough) of Ravensbrück, it isn’t a hopeless, dark book. Even though Rose is changed permanently by her six months, she retains her will to survive, and it’s that will that is at the heart of the book. Additionally, Wein has created a supporting cast of strong, amazing, wonderful (again, there is no word strong enough) women who do just that: survive. It’s amazing — and inspiring — to read.

Rated: High for multiple f-bombs that came up once Rose was at the concentration camp and other mild swearing throughout. Also a number of disturbing images and content.

— Reviewed by Melissa Fox

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  • Rose Under Fire
  • by Elizabeth Wein
  • Rated: High
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