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Paper Towns

by John Green

Rated: High

Language and sexual references aside, I loved this book. I thought it was very well written, and the story was just so interesting and fun.

The story is basically about a girl, Margo, and a boy, Quentin, who grow up next door to each other in Florida. When they reach adolescence, they are a nerdy boy and a super-popular girl whose friendship has grown apart. One night, during their senior year of high school, Margo climbs in Quentin’s bedroom window, beginning a wild, adventurous night of breaking rules and some laws, but the next day she’s gone. He feels that she wants him to find her, and begins another adventure trying to find and follow her clues.

Rated: High, for language and sexual references. Every bad word you can imagine is used with some frequency. This book is definitely for older teens, although some might not see it as appropriate for teens at all. Sexual references are moderate. It’s a book written by a guy, about some teenage guys, with a teenage guy as the main character… language and sexual references are what you might expect knowing that. There is discussion of sex, of both the male and female bodies. There is a brief scene where the main character walks in on a couple having sex at a party. It is mildly descriptive.

— Reviewed by Nancy Minster

Nancy Minster is an avid reader, is married to an avid reader and is the mother to four little kids who seem to like books as well. One can only wonder where they get it from!

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  • Paper Towns
  • by John Green
  • Rated: High
  • Genre: Young adult
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