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My Most Excellent Year

by Steve Kluger

Rated: Mild

This book made me unavoidably, undeniably, unabashedly happy.

It’s the simple story of a year in the lives of three high school freshmen: Bostonian and diehard Red Sox fan (is there any other kind?) T. C. Keller (also known as Tony C and Tick but never, ever Anthony); his brother (in all ways except biological since age 6) and diva extraordinaire (can you recite “All About Eve” word-for-word? I thought not) Augie Hwong; and newbie Alejandra Perez, daughter of the former ambassador to Mexico and closet singer/dancer (who just doesn’t know how brilliant she is).

There isn’t a big crisis or a huge plot arc driving this book; the magic is found in all the little things: like T.C. and Augie being brothers; or the discovery of Hucky, a 6-year-old deaf kid whom T.C. befriends; or the talent show and subsequent Kiss Me Kate production; or the three love stories, in which there were no bursts of passion, no sparkles, no love at first sight, but instead just honest-to-goodness learning how to love and forgive and compromise.

Sure, it’s unrealistic, but I plain didn’t care. I wanted to move in next door to T.C. and Augie and Ale. Shoot, I wanted to be a part of their crazy, wonderful, lovable extended family. And I didn’t want this book to end. Which, really, is the best thing I can say.

Rated: Mild, for a few instances of mild swearing

— Reviewed by Melissa Fox

Melissa Madsen Fox's blogging career began in 2004 when she started Book Nut. Reading, reviewing and book blogging have taken over what's left of her life after being a stay-at-home mom to four rambunctious daughters and wife to a slightly- absent-minded professor of political science.

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  • My Most Excellent Year
  • by Steve Kluger
  • Rated: Mild
  • Genre: Young adult
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