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Little Bee

by Chris Cleave

Rated: High

On the sandy shores of a Nigerian beach resort, Sarah and 12-year-old orphan Little Bee meet for the first time. During this encounter, Sarah is forced to make a horrific choice, one that haunts her every day until Little Bee arrives at her doorstep in the wake of her husband’s death five years later. Upon Little Bee’s arrival, Sarah is reminded of the events surrounding the tragedy on the beach, and both she and Little Bee must revisit the past together before they can move on.

The back cover of the novel requests that readers don’t share too many details about the plot, so I will oblige and say no more. But be warned that all the secrecy and hype surrounding the novel may do more harm for it than good; I expected to be blown away by the story, but I found myself bored and more than a little disturbed by it.

Rated: High. There are a few scenes of horrific violence, and though there isn’t a lot of swearing or sexual content, the plot itself is very dark and obscene.

— Reviewed by Bailey Tulloch

Bailey Tulloch is a voracious reader and writer who goes to school in Texas and writes for The San Francisco/Sacramento Book Review. She has a reading blog at btbpd.wordpress.com.

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  • Little Bee
  • by Chris Cleave
  • Rated: High
  • Genre: Fiction
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