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Lady Thief (Scarlet, Book 2)

by A.C. Gaughen

Rated: Moderate

Be warned, if you have not yet read Scarlet, spoilers abound. It’s been a few months since Scarlet married Gisbourne to save Rob’s life; since then, thankfully, Gisbourne left Scarlet in Nottinghamshire and no one has seen or heard from him. Robin and the band are training the people in Nottinghamshire to fight for themselves and eagerly awaiting the appointment of a new sheriff. News comes that Prince John is coming to Nottinghamshire to name the new sheriff. The people feel that almost nothing can be worse than their last sheriff, but word reaches Scarlet that Gisbourne is coming too. Perhaps there are even bigger problems heading for Nottinghamshire than expected.

I should preface this by saying that I really loved the first Scarlet novel so I am admittedly biased. I enjoyed this book equally as much. Barring something catastrophic happening in the third and final, forthcoming installment of the series, this is shaping up to be one of my favorite series in a long time.

Rated: Moderate. There are periodic instances of mild language, as well as a few instances of stronger language. More distressing are the instances of what would modernly be called domestic violence and a few instances that rise to pretty severe abuse. One of the main plot points rests on the fact that Marian (Scarlet) and Gisbourne have not consummated their marriage and there is talk (and one rage-fueled attempt) of Gisbourne threatening to force Scarlet to do so. Lastly, one of the characters is having night terrors and it usually leads to him attempting to kill people, including Scarlet.

— Reviewed by Corryn Brown

Corryn Brown is an avid reader and law student. She strives daily to find and maintain equilibrium between life, law, and reading.

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  • Lady Thief (Scarlet, Book 2)
  • by A.C. Gaughen
  • Rated: Moderate
  • Genre: Young adult
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