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The Kite Runner

by Khaled Hosseini

Rated: High

This emotionally jarring novel does not fail to amaze and impress despite the hype. The story centers around a man named Amir, who is haunted by the memory of his childhood in Kabul. Amir tells the story of Hassan, his loyal best friend and servant, and the many adventures they had together as children. Amir and Hassan were inseparable until the day they won the local kite-running competition. When faced with his status as a servant, Hassan is treated in a way that Amir can neither forgive nor forget.

Back in the present, years later, Amir is living in America and still trying to shake the memory of Hassan. He almost succeeds until his father’s best friend requests his presence at his deathbed and, as a dying wish, asks Amir to find Hassan. Amir is forced to confront his past head on as he begins his quest for Hassan, a quest that will change Amir forever.

Beautifully woven with stunning prose and heartbreaking tragedy, you won’t be able to put The Kite Runner down. It is the kind of book you’ll still be thinking about after finishing because the writing is so powerful and poignant.

Rated: High. Even though The Kite Runner is a novel for adult readers, there are still a few brutal and horrific scenes that would make even the most mature reader cringe. While Hosseini’s descriptions of these events are subtle and undetailed, the emotional impact of the writing causes it to be a difficult read. This is definitely not the type of book that should be picked up on a whim or by a middle-schooler. It’s an incredible novel, but you’ll need to be able to handle some heavy material while reading it. There is also some mild language throughout the book.

— Reviewed by Bailey Tulloch

Bailey Tulloch is a voracious reader and writer who goes to school in Texas and writes for The San Francisco/Sacramento Book Review. She has a reading blog at btbpd.wordpress.com.

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  • The Kite Runner
  • by Khaled Hosseini
  • Rated: High
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