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Houdini: The Handcuff King

by Jason Lutes

Rated: None

by Jason Lutes and Nick Bertozzi

This short, very enjoyable graphic account of one of Harry Houdini’s great escapes in front of huge crowd is a quick, easy read with extremely good artwork.  The authors proffer their interpretation of how Houdini could have successfully executed his escape, admitting that they themselves are not magicians, and have no real idea how he did it.

There is a three-page introduction and six pages of explanations (after the main story) that are very informative from both historical and artistic points of view.  We learn about the time period, how the story was created in graphic format, and some details on the great illusionist himself.  This work is targeted to young readers, but easily enjoyed by adults as well.

Rating: None

— Reviewed by Craig Smith

Craig Smith is chief medical officer of Tacoma Cat Hospital. In addition to providing book reviews on Rated Reads, he podcasts about feline health issues through iTunes and www.tacomacat.com.

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  1. Stella says:

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  • Houdini: The Handcuff King
  • by Jason Lutes
  • Rated: None
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