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Evernight (book 1)

by Claudia Gray

Rated: Mild

This may sound familiar: girl moves to a new town her junior year. She’s not happy with the move; starting over and leaving her friends is an extreme difficulty. Then she meets The One, the guy that she’s inexplicably drawn to, her True Love. Suddenly, he’s all that she can think about, even though they’re both completely wrong for each other, and being together will put both of their lives in extreme danger.

No. It’s not Twilight, it’s Evernight.

Although the basic story is similar, Claudia Gray plays with the vampire lore just enough to make it unique and interesting. She’s more traditional than in Meyer’s book — there are “good” guys and “bad” guys, making the lovestruck main characters Bianca and Lucas into Romeo and Juliet archetypes.

Given the predictability of the plot, and the Twilight-esque opening sequence, the first of the two plot twists really throws the reader. There were subtle hints leading up to it, but enough misdirection that I found it really irritating, primarily because I thought it nullified the character and plot development in the first third of the book. The second plot twist worked better, and made the ending that much more dramatic. In the end, while it was an interesting diversion, it lacked the depth and development to make it a truly memorable book.

Rated: Mild: There’s some intense kissing, and a bit of implied violence. Other than that, it’s just mood.

— Reviewed by Melissa Fox

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  • Evernight (book 1)
  • by Claudia Gray
  • Rated: Mild
  • Genre: Young adult
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