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Endlessly (Paranormalcy, book 3)

by Kiersten White

Rated: Mild

Evie just wants to get ready for the winter formal at school and spend time with her boyfriend, Lend. But paranormals are gathering from near and far in the woods behind Lend’s house and expecting her to use her power as an Empty One to make a gate to get them back to where they came from before they were forced to live in this world. On top of the big problems with that (she’s not sure how she’s going to do that, or if she wants to — Lend’s paranormal mom seems to be expecting to take him with her!), a new woman has taken over at IPCA and is clearly up to no good.

Even that might not all be quite too bad, but then Lend gets kidnapped by the bad faerie queen, and though Evie is able to get him back, Lend falls into an enchanted sleep every time she’s in the same room with him. Having an awesome boyfriend around: great. Having him sleep whenever you’re around: not great.

So Evie’s plate is full. And to try to fix all this, she has to work with both Jack, the crazy human-raised-by-faeries boy, and Reth, the faerie who is gunning for her to embrace being an Empty One and who exemplifies all that is manipulative (but beautiful) about faeries. Can’t she just plan a pink-themed winter formal instead?

Endlessly ties up the series nicely and is as entertaining as the previous two books, Paranormalcy and Supernaturally. Kiersten White writes a fun set of books that are clean reading and clever and laced with sly wit.

Rated: Mild, for some intense scenes, some mild violence and just kissing.

— Reviewed by Cathy Carmode Lim

Cathy Carmode Lim has been reviewing books for newspapers for more than 20 years, two of which she was a book page editor. She founded Rated Reads in January 2008.

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  • Endlessly (Paranormalcy, book 3)
  • by Kiersten White
  • Rated: Mild
  • Genre: Young adult
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