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Dreaming Anastasia

by Joy Preble

Rated: Mild

Dreams are funny things.

They’re often just manifestations of stress or hopes or fears. But, what if they were real? What if what you dreamed really happened … or was about to happen? And what if you dreamed about someone other than yourself?

Anne has dreams like that: she dreams she’s Anastasia Romanov, grand duchess of Russia, supposedly dead as part of the communist revolution in 1918. Except, as Anne slowly finds out, things aren’t always as they seem. Her life was ordinary — except that her brother recently died of cancer — until Ethan showed up … and then ordinary became extraordinary (and not just because he was wicked hot), as both Anne and Ethan work to put right the wrong that was done to Anastasia nearly 100 years before.

Part historical novel, part fantasy, part romance, this book has a little bit for everyone. The best bits are the ones with Anne and Ethan — told in alternating chapters — as they try to figure out how to unravel the magic done 100 years before. It is intense in the action, the magic isn’t overpowering or awkward, and while the romance is very, very subtle, there’s still enough of it to satisfy. I enjoyed Anne as a character as well, as she struggles to grow into herself and come to terms not only with her dreams, but with her own history as well.

In fact, the only real complaint I have is the font for the Anastasia letters — it’s so incredibly difficult to decipher (and I thought my handwriting was bad!) that I was pretty sure I was missing plot points. Other than that, it’s an entertaining read.

Rated: Mild, for mild swearing

— Reviewed by Melissa Fox

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  1. Rosa says:

    I think this might be a book that would make me angry too, and based on that brief quote alone, crockery may be smeahsd. I will be curious to read your full review!

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  • by Joy Preble
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