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Ditched: A Love Story

by Robin Mellom

Rated: Mild

Robin Mellom’s debut novel is bound to leave readers laughing out loud and thoroughly entertained. Ditched: A Love Story tells the story of Justina, a girl who was ditched at prom. Prom isn’t Justina’s scene, until Ian — her best friend, the guy she was starting to fall for, the guy who never in a million years should have stood her up — convinces her to go.

The book kicks off a day after prom. Justina wakes up in a ditch confused and hurt. As she makes her way toward the 7-Eleven, she meets some unlikely characters who are going to help her figure out what happened. She starts telling her story, and the more she tells it the more she can’t believe what happened. But when Justina finishes her tale, she discovers there might be more to the story than she originally realized.

The novel is told through a first-person narrative, which allows readers to gain more insight into Justina’s character. The novel also has Justina recounting the events of the past. This didn’t cause the story to seem distant, but rather added a comedic element that was priceless.

This novel is laugh-out-loud funny and Justina’s crazy antics will make readers smile. Mellom has created a cute, comedic read that will leave readers entertained and a little happier.

Rated: Mild. There are some minor references to drugs and drinking, and a reference to a lesbian girl. There are also some minor sexual references. But overall, the novel is a fairly clean romance.

— Reviewed by Danica Page

Danica Page is an avid reader, freelance journalist, college student, and book blogger at Taking it One Page at a Time. Danica can always be found writing, usually about a book, or with her nose in a good book.

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  • Ditched: A Love Story
  • by Robin Mellom
  • Rated: Mild
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