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Deadly Heat (Nikki Heat, book 5)

by Richard Castle

Rated: High

This new Nikki Heat mystery from “Richard Castle” picks up almost directly where Frozen Heat leaves off and ties most directly into it, wrapping up some dangling loose ends.

Nikki knows who actually killed her mother, but she doesn’t know who called the shots. And that’s something she’s determined to find out, even though Department of Homeland Security agents Bell (who also happens to be Nikki’s current paramour Jameson Rook’s ex) and Callahan keep getting in her way. And because we can’t have a one-plot book, Nikki is tasked with taking out a serial killer, nicknamed Rainbow, who is toying with her. Which means: she’s next on his list.

She’s also getting flak from her incompetent commander for juggling two cases, something Nikki resents. But, determined as she is, she (and Rook, of course) doggedly persevere and manage to solve the crimes in the end.

Much like “Castle” season 5, this book was a bit lighter than its predecessor, but it’s really its own beast now. I recognized a few plotlines from the season, but mostly, that’s not what I was reading this for. No, I’m invested in Nikki Heat and her journey. And this one, I think it’s safe to say, is a pretty decent mystery. I suspected the end, though the clues were there, and if I had been paying closer attention I would have figured it out. Which is, in my opinion, good solid plotting. I also liked the way the two storylines intersected in the end, and how they helped each other resolve. I liked that both Nikki and Rook had a chance to shine.

I’m sold on this as a series now, which means I’ll be sad if the show ever ends and these disappear. Unless, of course, the ghostwriter decides to keep it up. In that case, I’ll keep reading them.

Rated: High, for many instances of the f-bomb, as well as other swear words, and off-screen sex between consenting adults.

— Reviewed by Melissa Fox

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  • Deadly Heat (Nikki Heat, book 5)
  • by Richard Castle
  • Rated: High
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