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Dark Places

by Gillian Flynn

Rated: DIRT

Maybe most readers would have guessed from the title that there are land mines full of vulgar language. The book showed up with all kinds for great reviews about the author’s ability to tell stories, and because I spend lots of time behind the wheel of my car, I checked out the MP3 version and started listening. Some folks refer to one particular example of strong language as the “Eddie Murphy word;” I believe that the frequency of its usage in Dark Places would make Mr. Murphy shake his head.

I have checked this books author, Gillian Flynn, off my list.

— Reviewed by Gerald Travis

2 Responses to Dark Places

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  2. Julie says:

    This is an adult book. I read the review above and was shocked it only contained references to vulgar language! Far more than the language is the graphic, violent content! This book is about a horrific mass murder of a family. It is gory, talks about satanic rituals, and sexual scenes. I am a teacher and while I have read this book, I find it disturbing to see it in the hands of very young students! PARENTS monitor what your young teens are reading! Just because they CAN read that level of book, doesn’t mean the content is suitable. Please take the time to research ALL the books your elementary, middle school AND high school child brings home. Know what they are reading!!

  • Dark Places
  • by Gillian Flynn
  • Rated: DIRT
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