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Cress (Lunar Chronicles, Book 3)

by Marissa Meyer

Rated: Mild

This third installment in the Lunar Chronicles (see also Cinder and Scarlet) continues the story of Cinder and her ragtag group of fugitives, including Scarlet, Wolf and Captain Thorne. With the threat of queen Levana’s wedding to Emperor Kai of the Eastern Commonwealth, Cinder and her friends look to stop the wedding and prevent Levana from acquiring a foothold on earth. Perhaps their new friend Cress, who, of course, has Rapunzel-esque hair, can help far more than anyone realizes. Cress has spent years imprisoned by Levana and Sybill, alone in a satellite orbiting earth, forced to be their computer-hacking lapdog.

I enjoyed this book more than Scarlet. This novel did a better job of keeping the character’s stories intertwined; I did not feel as much like the new characters were halting the progress of the plot or dragging the story down.

Rated: Mild. A few instances of mild language and a few kisses between characters and lovesick swoons, but nothing graphic. There were also a few instances of violence and fighting, but nothing too intense for a young adult novel.

— Reviewed by Corryn Brown

Corryn Brown is an avid reader and law student. She strives daily to find and maintain equilibrium between life, law, and reading.

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  • Cress (Lunar Chronicles, Book 3)
  • by Marissa Meyer
  • Rated: Mild
  • Genre: Young adult
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