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Champion (Legend, book 3)

by Marie Lu

Rated: Moderate

This final book in the Legend trilogy picks up with Day and June eight months after Prodigy left off.  June is thoroughly involved in her training as a Princeps-Elect and Day is with his brother, Eden, in San Francisco. Day and June haven’t talked since that day, eight months ago, when Day told her to stay in Denver and train for the Princeps-Elect. That is, until Day gets a personal invitation from June to attend a ball in Denver. But why has she reached out now? Anden, the new Elector, is in the midst of staving off war with the Colonies, finding a cure for a plague, and bargaining for an alliance with Antarctica to help in the seemingly inevitable war with the Colonies. Will Day and June be alive at the end of this war? Will their relationship survive all that has happened and will happen?

I thought this book was a fitting end to the trilogy, a good mix of action and romance, happy and sad, victory and defeat.

Rated: Moderate. The language was on par with the last two books of the series; mild language is used intermittently. There is one sex scene, and while it is clear what is happening, it is not detailed or graphic. Being set during a time of war and plagues, the book does contain a certain amount of violence and blood, which I think was heavier than the previous books, but not extreme or gratuitous. While Legend was “mild” and Prodigy was a low “moderate,” Champion is a definite “moderate.”

— Reviewed by Corryn Brown

Corryn Brown is an avid reader and law student. She strives daily to find and maintain equilibrium between life, law, and reading.

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  • Champion (Legend, book 3)
  • by Marie Lu
  • Rated: Moderate
  • Genre: Young adult
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