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A Whole Nother Story

by Dr. Cuthbert Soup

Rated: None

A time machine that needs protecting, a psychic hairless dog, three attractive, polite, relatively odor-free children and, of course, a sock puppet named Steve. How could you go wrong? This is the story of the Cheeseman family, who are on the run from secret agents, super spies and villains. These evil doers are after Mr. Cheeseman’s amazing invention, the LVR, a time machine. After the mysterious death of their mother, the three children and their father pack up the family station wagon, LVR and a unique dirt clod collection included, and move from town to town to protect the invention that could bring back their mother one day. Along the way they make some unusual and incredibly entertaining friends.

This middle-grade novel, intended for ages 9-12, is clever and well-written enough to delight readers of any age. The humor and quirkiness had me laughing out loud (including the occasional snort-laugh) almost every page. Fans of the Lemony Snicket books will love this new series. I would also recommend this book and series for boy readers.

Rated: None

— Reviewed by Teri Harman

Teri Harman is an author, reader and book enthusiast. Her young adult novel, Blood Moon, was published by Jolly Fish Press in summer 2013. She writes a biweekly column, Book Matters, for ksl.com and also contributes a monthly book segment to KSL’s #1 lifestyle show, Studio 5.

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  • A Whole Nother Story
  • by Dr. Cuthbert Soup
  • Rated: None
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