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A Piggly Wiggly Wedding

by Robert Dalby

Rated: Mild

Hale Dunbar Jr. and his fianceĆ©, Gayle Lyons, better known as Mr. Choppy and Gaylie Girl, respectively, are blissfully enjoying their reunion 55 years after their fling as teenagers. The impediment to their being able to set a date for a wedding, however, is the disapproval of Gaylie Girl’s grown children, Amanda and Petey, who are not only suspicious of the intentions of the humble Mr. Choppy, but who also are wondering how the matriarch of their well-to-do Illinois family could possibly be thinking about relocating to rural Mississippi.

Mr. Choppy, mayor and former owner of the Piggly Wiggly grocery store (and yes, for those of you who have never lived in the South, there really are Piggly Wiggly stores), just wants the best for his Gaylie Girl and for his beloved hometown of Second Creek. Luckily, he has the help of the widowed ladies of the town, a collection of diverse characters who call themselves the Nitwitts, to get Amanda and Petey on-board for a Labor Day wedding.

When Amanda and Petey visit, the Nitwitts work their magic to win them over with great food, culture and lovely architecture, and the town itself works a little magic to bring a happy ending to all involved. Southern hospitality and eccentricities are the order of the day throughout the novel. Those who enjoy light Southern charm will appreciate this frothy tale of late-blooming love.

Rated: Mild, for a few mild swear words and very mild references to sex.

— Reviewed by Cathy Carmode Lim

Cathy Carmode Lim has been reviewing books for newspapers for more than 20 years, two of which she was a book page editor. She founded Rated Reads in January 2008.

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  1. Carinne Gee says:

    FYI – you have the author listed incorrectly.

  • A Piggly Wiggly Wedding
  • by Robert Dalby
  • Rated: Mild
  • Genre: Fiction
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